I am MADLY in love with this collection. She really changed up the floral print and used such a range of bright pretty colours. The hair pieces are my favourite.

Watch out Blair Waldorf, there is a new hairband in town.


GAP Spring 09

Ok, so yes these outfits are pretty simple and well typical GAP but I cant help but love the white theme.

The shoes are great, the dresses fall so effortlessly and how AWESOME is the white boyfriend blazer with the GOLD buttons. I am definitely waiting for that piece to hit stores.

Overall, I'm pretty impressed. Good Comeback!

Sorry PETA...

These woman are hated for wearing fur but it looks so good on them doesn't it?

Warmth and style are two things that I need right now and I think a fur vest is just the solution to my problem.


Model Style

I love when they take fashion off the runway. So cool.

The City

Girl of the Moment: Whitney Port

I don't know why but EVERYTHING looks good on her.
The purple shoes are just...WOW...

perfect for New Years perhaps?



Due to the whiteout weve got going on in Toronto these days, I have sadly been sporting sweats, grandma sweaters and dare I say... UGGS (ew i know). My serious lack of style had me searching for some new inspiration and I came across these cool Scandinavian ladies.

They have reminded me of the layering technique that allows me to dress stylishly without getting frostbite.

Thank you Scandinavia!!!


Trashy Chic

These are a few of my favourites from Zac Posen's Spring collection. I LOVE the mix of purple lips, metallic fabric and 80's inspired hair. Each addition to the look is beyond trashy on its own but together the collection is tre chic.


Lanvin's Spring Collection 09 is full of jewel tones and shiny satins. The gathering of the material is done in such a beautiful way that gives these dresses such unique silhouettes.

I also admire the different approach to the one shoulder look. Still very trendy but without the whole "grecian" feel.

Thinking Outside of the Box

Chanel Haute Couture Spring 09
Do you expect anything less?

The colour palate was black, white, with some nearly purple greys...

And, a tad of pink.

Also... how Anna Wintour are the models? Editor gone muse perhaps?

Matthew Williamson for H&M?

Word is out... Designer Matthew Williamson has collaborated with H&M to design a Spring 09 collection.

Here are some amazing looks from his spring collection. The bright colours are amazing. Can't wait to see what he comes up with.



A chic way to break up a black outfit is to add a leopard print scarve.

These ladies show you how to wear leopard with everything.

Here Comes The Sun

Add a yellow accessory to brighten up any outfit.

Black Attack

You can never go wrong with black.

To bring life to a boring black ensemble try mix and matching different textures and shades.


Model Street Style