This look

There is something about this look that fascinates me. I don't know whether it's the black and white, the shine of the sequins in the jacket, the light reflecting off of the silver leather neck tie or the casualness of the rolled up sleeve and loose gray tee? Maybe its all of the above. I am really liking this look.


Is it weird that I like these semi trashy leopard print bootie?

Because I totally do, especially alongside the gold and black contrast in the dresses.


Jewelry Crush: Tom Binns

Seriously crushing on Tom Binns right now. Such amazing pieces, I love love love them all!!!

Oh Erin



These models recreate the famous SJP bun and I love it. So easy but flawless and classy. A definite summer hair style for myself.


Model Off Duty

So casual, I love this look especially topped off with that great hat.


Squared Toe: Hit or Miss?

The square toe was spotted everywhere during fashion week. I automatically was brought back to the collection of old shoes and boots stashed in the "never wearing again" pile in my mom's closet but now they are kind of growing on me.

What do you think. Square toe: hit or miss?


Ripped T

Emmanuelle wears everything so perfectly. The extreme volume in the broad shoulder of the jacket is great but the ripped white tee that is coming through at the bottom pulls this whole outfit together.

I would wear this every day.


The Best Harem Pant

I like the look of the Harem Pant but I haven't LOVED the ones I have been seeing. Until I saw these. The leather ones are magnificent, I HAVE to find a pair of my own and the gray sweats are cool too because they also have the volume up top and the legging below the knee.