I'd like to get my hands on...

I'm in love with this Balenciaga coat. The over sized but fitted silhouette is perfect. The army green with cream fur accents would go so nicely with everything in my closet!! I want it!!!


Only You Emmanuelle

I came across these pictures and laughed to myself because only she could make a ripped mini jean skirt look good. On anyone else it would resemble the Abercrombie/Hollister look.

Another reason why I love her.


Don't look back

Even from the back view these all black silhouettes are fabulous.


Over the Rainbow

I am realllly into a bright colourful statement piece paired with a black outfit. The contrast is amazing.



So my friend Mags showed me this pic of Dree Hemingway wearing the Alexander Wang booties. They are so great. Had to share.

Thanks Mags!


Three's Company

Birthday Booties

So these incredible open toe booties were part of my birthday present from the boyfriend. He took me shopping at Forever 21... I know right? best birthday present ever.

I now have blisters from wearing them at work for 5 hours but it was all worth it. They are so hott.


Here is a pic of the amazing Fur Scarf I posted about last week. Hope you all enjoy it's amazingness as much as I do.


Birthday Girl

Today is my 20th birthday. Wooooooo. I feel so old.

Finally getting my camera tonight so I will be posting pics of all my amazing birthday presents.

Stay tuned.


Another Reason to Drool

I found this pic and almost fell off my seat. They are the most amazing, stupendous pair of flat heeled boots I have ever seen. The DIY gold studs add glamour to the grundgy fabulousness. I might be making these words up right now? That's what happens to me when I come across shoes such as these. Ahhhh sooo nice.

I really should stop being so lazy and start Studding everything thats studdable (again might not be a word) in my closet.

Furry Friend

I was thrifting a couple weeks ago and found the most amazing fur scarf in the world. It's brown and black almost leopard, the same amazing size as this one and in perfect condition (still has it's Barney's New York tag)

Although I swear I could literally talk about my great luck and how beautiful this scarf really is I neeeddd to go back to sleep.

So I will leave you with this helpful hint. Spring mornings and nights can be quite chilly, accessorize with your fur scarf over your jacket for warmth.



I think it's almost safe to say that Spring has arrived, at least for a few days. The warmer weather has me thinking about bringing back some colourful statement pieces. Love the idea of a bright jacket or blazer and of course the coloured wayfarer is a favourite summer look of mine.

Oh ya, and on a totally different note, how cool are Erin's jeans in the second pic. Tie dye ANDDD side zip. Love them.



Here are some basic black and white outfits. So simple that they are amazing.



The cyclopse ring worn by the fabulous Dree Hemingway.

I bought a very similar necklace at a craft show about 3 or 4 years ago. If only I could get my hands on the ring.

On a side note, realllllyyy loving Dree lately. She's been spotted in some awesome outfits with the greatest tailored jackets.

Keeping an eye out for her.


Drooling Again...

These breathtakingly awesome studded boots by Isabel Marant have me drooling again. They are actually the most perfect pair of studded boots I have ever seen.

Can't you just stare all day long??? I have been.



I literally had to wipe the drool off of my chin when I came across this picture. Words cannot explain how much I looooooove these shoes. The point, the straps, the GOLD buckle and embellishment. Ahhhh and here comes the drool again.

Seriously I could just stare at them all day.


Great Hair

So inspired by Spring's high bun hairstyle. It is perfect for my awkward bang growout stage.


Style Crush

I can easily sum her up in one word.


Gray Street

Right now, I am desperately seeking the perfect gray blazer. I have been to value village a million times this week and I still can't find what I am looking for.

I have a feeling that pretty soon I am going to find the perfect tuxedo jacket with amazing shoulders and awesome buttons and it will all be worth the wait.

In the mean time, here are some gray's that have been on my mind. Enjoy :)


still all black

Combined black textures is always a great fashion decision.

Three Favourites

It's almost too good to be true, my three favourite models all together?

Daria, Kate and Lara came together for Bruce Weber's fabulous photoshoot for W Magazine's "Summer Camp" edition featuring the world's hottest new designers

They are amazing together.


To DYE For

A look I am totally into right now is tie dye leggings. They are so fun, they add some colour to the outfit and you can even do it yourself.

A friend of mine has a pair in black gray and white and they are awesome, they break up an all black outfit nicely.