Extreme Boyfriend

Haven't been blogging lately because I have been super busy. All of my friends are back from school which pretty much makes me the happiest girl in the world and the fact that it has been hot enough to lay out in my bikini is great too.

Although I should be fashionably creative with the hotter weather I would rather walk around in my new favourite H&M bikini all day, every day then put together fun outfits. I live in my too baggy boyfriend jeans. The bigger, the better.


The Row Rules

Never seen this before, I like that Ashley looks like the grungier of the two. Very rare.



Love that Lip

The perfect colour, the perfect stain effect, the perfect bold lip.


Pink and Studded!!

I almost fell off my seat when I spotted this pic. The studded ankle bootie was amazing on it's own but a hot pink studded bootie is unreal!!!! I NEED these.


The long skirt

So, I just remembered that I bought an amazinnnnggg long fitted black Wilfred skirt last year.

So pumped to wear it, I'll post pictures soon!!

P.S how great are these pics? Kate's green one with the super high slits is my fav.