im backk

Hope You all had an amazing summer, it's definitely been a good and busy one for myself.

Now that I have some more time for the things I love I will be back and blogging full time.

Here are some pictures that epitomize my summer wardrobe.



a state of missing

I recently cut about 6 inches of my hair and although it is now healthy I totally miss my long locks.

These pics bring back good memories.



I want to sew shoulder pads into every shirt I own, if only I had time.

Just started my second job for the summer and I am now working 12 hour days. AAHHHHHH!!!

I promise to fit in as much blogging time as I can in the next few months and when I do get a chance to pad my shoulders I will post some pics.

Enjoy your summers!!


heaven has got to be made of white blazers

If I could just find the perfect white blazer my life would be complete. Until then, I will stare at this photo in envy.



The perfect duo. shredded skinnys and boyfriend blazers. so simple yet so perfect. 



I really love her. 


Style Crush: Theodora Richards

A follow up to my previous post about rock star's stylish offspring.

Introducing: Theodora Richards, Keith Richards' model daughter. Just recently came across her face and had to do some research. 

I love her use of colour. She looks great in a nude ensemble as well as in jewel tones. 

What I find most intriguing about Theodora is that unlike most rock star's offspring in hollywood, Theodora doesn't wear tattered band tees with smoky eyes and unwashed hair. Don't get me wrong I adore that look but it's refreshing to see a classier look.  


Summer Leathers

This is how you wear leather in the summer. Such an awesome look. Loveee.


Words that start with B

I am craving: the perfect blue blazer, that ridiculously cool bow headband and blonde hair. 


I like....

Some things I like right now are: bold boyfriend blazer with huge shoulder pads in about every colour, slip dresses a la kate moss in the 90's, boyfriend blazers over slip dresses, and of course, pinning every necklace i possibly can together (the bigger, the better). 


Style Crush : Georgia May Jagger

It's no surprise that Jagger's daughter has a rockin style. Her signature messy golden hair, red pouty lips and sex eyes look good in just about anything. 

Maybe it's the fact that they have inherited the most amazing vintage jackets, boots and accessories or that they're well... all beautiful but, I am totally into rocker offsprings this summer. 

I wish I were Jagger's kid. 


Extreme Boyfriend

Haven't been blogging lately because I have been super busy. All of my friends are back from school which pretty much makes me the happiest girl in the world and the fact that it has been hot enough to lay out in my bikini is great too.

Although I should be fashionably creative with the hotter weather I would rather walk around in my new favourite H&M bikini all day, every day then put together fun outfits. I live in my too baggy boyfriend jeans. The bigger, the better.


The Row Rules

Never seen this before, I like that Ashley looks like the grungier of the two. Very rare.



Love that Lip

The perfect colour, the perfect stain effect, the perfect bold lip.


Pink and Studded!!

I almost fell off my seat when I spotted this pic. The studded ankle bootie was amazing on it's own but a hot pink studded bootie is unreal!!!! I NEED these.


The long skirt

So, I just remembered that I bought an amazinnnnggg long fitted black Wilfred skirt last year.

So pumped to wear it, I'll post pictures soon!!

P.S how great are these pics? Kate's green one with the super high slits is my fav.


This look

There is something about this look that fascinates me. I don't know whether it's the black and white, the shine of the sequins in the jacket, the light reflecting off of the silver leather neck tie or the casualness of the rolled up sleeve and loose gray tee? Maybe its all of the above. I am really liking this look.


Is it weird that I like these semi trashy leopard print bootie?

Because I totally do, especially alongside the gold and black contrast in the dresses.


Jewelry Crush: Tom Binns

Seriously crushing on Tom Binns right now. Such amazing pieces, I love love love them all!!!

Oh Erin