Modern Day India

Two different ways to wear the Indian style "Dhoti" pant



These are some looks I am looking forward to wearing while we transition from winter to spring weather.

I can't wait for the day when a cropped leather jacket or fur vest is considered appropriate outer wear in Canada.


An Early Valentine

Love is in the air...

Agyness Deyn and fiance Albert Hammond Jr brought Valentine's Day early this year with this adorable Vogue shoot.

"I love the way Albert looks at me when I'm wearing an amazing dress. This one was glamorous, he was playing, it was a lovely day-we could have forgotten the camera was there"- Agyness

Had to post this. There is something about stylish couples that makes me giddy.



This look is all about volume up top. A short dress with a flared bottom is perfect or even a slimmer silhouette works too when paired with a voluminous cropped jacket, vest or cardigan.

I love the simplicity of this look and more importantly I love the cheap factor. This outfit can easily be found when thrifting at your favourite second hand shops. Value Village is my number one choice when on the hunt for floral prints, ruffles and girly dresses. Check the men's section for the Grunge accessories like fedoras, vests, blazers etc.

Every girl needs a pair of worn out, black boots that hit mid-calve. I got my pair of Harley Davidsons on EBay, but if you have bigger feet you might be lucky enough to find a men's pair when thrifting.

* Note * This look is very versataile. To achieve in colder temperatures, add black stockings.

sequins, feathers and lace OH MY!

Three textures = perfection.

Love, love, loveeee the lace bra peaking through at the sides.



This look epitomizes winter style at its finest! It is outfits like this that make me proud to live in the cold ( for a quick second and then I am back to hating it all over again ).

Anyway, before I start ranting about the depressing weather I will discuss what makes this outfit so amazing.

First, I am such a fan of red lips. Red lips can take any boring, washed out look and make it glamorous. Second, the oversized theme is great for pulling off cold weather styles. The extra big face framing scarf pairs oh too well with the oversized boyfriend blazer. Another theme I noticed and love about this look is the all black, every fashionista's go to. All black is always a classic choice and looks even better when paired with all black accessories.

Looooveeeee it.



The value of the Euro has increased during the recession and so has it's fashion. This is a photograph of limited edition gold and silver 5 Euro coins designed by Karl Lagerfeld to mark the 125th anniversary of Coco Chanel. They are priced at 5900 Euros which is about 7500 American dollars.

I'm envisioning wearing them as pendants. I want one to hang from a chain around my neck.


A Smythson "Maze" handbag, a Jimmy Choo on cookie leg, and a Louboutin "Pigalle" shoe biscuit

A Moschino coat, A Smythson "Maze" handbag, and a Louboutin "Pigalle" shoe biscuit

So, last year I went through a small phase of wanting to create fashionable foods in the most stylish bakery. I had it all planned out and I was going to bake pastries in the shapes of fashion accessories just like the ones in this photograph I came across.

Turns out bakeries are busiest in the morning and well... I am NOT a morning person so out went that idea.

But, how cute are these anyway??



These photographs represent exactly what I dream about at night, Spring's casual comfortable look. Don't get me wrong, I love fall and winter for like the first two months when I get to wear my new boots and coats but straight up it's been snowing for months and I am sooo OVER IT!

I just want to wear thin fabrics and not get goosbumps, I want to wear fair colours and not look like I'm sick, I want bare legs!!!!

Only a few more months to go... until then, I will rock my parka like its never been rocked before!


Max Azria Has Struck GOLD!

Olympic gold medalist Nastia Liukin has taken her moves out of the gymnasium and into Max Azria's spring campaign.

“The spring collection was inspired by movement and modern dance so she was perfect. It was meant to be, and the magic just sort of happened.” says Azria.

Well I agree, it's refreshing seeing someone other than a stick thin model in these photoshoots. Nastia is strong, she is healthy and most importantly, she doesnt look like she is going to snap in half.


Street Style

These are some casual street looks that I have been collecting over some time. Each one of these outfits has something special that caught my eye. Whether its a touch of colour like the awesome bright red leather jacket or the all black motorcycle ensemble, these ladies sure know how to create a winning look.

I love street style because unlike runway looks and couture, these looks can actually be translated into our every day wardrobes.

Street style also excites me because these people don't have stylists or personal shoppers (well none that we know of at least). They are just every day fashionistas who are inspired just like us.

I admire self creativity.


Alexander Mcqueen

Narciso Rodriguez

Louis Vuitton

Giambattista Valli

Dress: Donna Karen, Headpiece: Phillip Treacy

Dolce and Gabanna
Roberto Cavalli


Some of my favourite designer looks for Spring 09



Here is a picture of British model Daisy Lowe and her then boyfriend in a rather scandalous position for a photoshoot in ID magazine.

She is famous for her wild behaviour and her chunky bangs. Her style is rebellious, colourful, crazy and NEVER boring. Here are some looks I love.

The look of Daisy Lowe includes:

stained lips
rockstar bangs
bed head
vintage band T's
high waisted skirts by Chloe
smoky black eye



Erin Wasson has joined the campaign for Justin Timberlake's William Rast collection playing the effortlessly beautiful leading lady to badass "William Rast", Justin's alter ego.


So, I came across these pictures when researching the second Twilight movie. Kristen Stewart is absolutely stunning here and I love the outfits. She photographs so well with her slightly parted mouth and cat eyes. I can't help but look at her.



I can't get enough of leopard prints. They're everywhere. I love it.