Welcome Back

Havn't seen much from Sienna until recently and I am so glad she's back. Sienna portrays such a free spirit vibe and her outfits always look like they took 5 seconds to put together but they are amazing.

I have been paying close attention to her accessories. I love that most of them look like they were purchased at a flea market. They are so one of a kind.

Each outfit radiates something special even when she is out running errands. I would love to raid her closet.

Black and White

These images are from a new favourite line of mine called Pencey. I have posted about it before but here are some black and white ensembles that I'm into right now.

I love how the first image is so girly and pretty with white lace and puffy sleeves and then its like a shock of bad girl with a strong black shoe.

The second image is just an awesome dress. The fringe adds a playful touch while the rest of the dress is classic.

Overall, digging the black and white.

Mellow Yellow

At first, the contrast between black and yellow caught my attention but I love how non "bumblebee" it looks. The volume of the oversized jacket with shoulder pads works so well with the black leggings and simple ankle booties. The finishing touches of the rougher accessories (i.e studded purse and black hat) complete the look perfectly. It's simple but it works.


My Docs

So, after shifting from black to red a million times, I finally decided on the red pair. Lately I have been in a colourful shoe mood, trying to change up my closet full of black. This chick paired hers oh so well with lame leggings which I like because of the different textures.

Unfortunately I have not worn mine outside of my house yet as I am NOT allowed to wear them to work :( Yaaa I know sucks right? I am getting tres excited for their debut on my day off on Saturday. Its going to be great.

Until then I am just thinking of ways to make the outfit even better.

P.S working on getting a new camera so I can finally post some outfit shots for you all.



Saved these pics a lonnnggg time ago and they recently resurfaced in my mind. I love looking back at summer into fall transition wear because it gets me all excited for winter to spring transition wear.

I love the colour palette of greys, beiges and navy, they make great transition colours because they are easily layered without looking too frumpy.

These looks also give off the minimalist "i just woke up beautiful" vibe which I still love.


The Doc

So I am back, I am tanned and I am totally craving this look. Doc Martins are the perfect shoe for the girly grunge look that I love so much.

I am thinking about getting a red pair but I feel like I will get more use out of black.
What are your thoughts?

P.S How amazing does Erin look in this spread? I have a serious style crush on her these days.

Glad to be blogging again!


Happy V-Day

So I am leaving for Mexico to spend Valentines day with the BF. Thought this pic was appropriate.

Wishing you all an early happy Valentines day filled with red lipstick, red lace and great date outfits!!!



Current Inspiration

So, it feels like spring today and I am the happiest girl in the world!!!!

I woke up in an inspiring mood and wanted to share with you some Spring-friendly pictures I am into right now.

This post is going to be a short one, I think I may just take a walk outside.



Pink Amazingness

So, I never believed in love at first sight until i laid my eyes on these babies. Pink+Fringe=Total amazingness.

I want to run away with these shoes and live fashionably ever after :)


Hat Trick Part Deux

Some more hats I love.


I was very interested in a recent post on one of my favourite blogs La Flaneuse about basics with designer logos.

This one is lovely. Chanel logo. Black and white. Rocker details.

All around perfect.

Hat Trick

Loving all hats and head pieces lately. These looks are beautiful.