This look is all about volume up top. A short dress with a flared bottom is perfect or even a slimmer silhouette works too when paired with a voluminous cropped jacket, vest or cardigan.

I love the simplicity of this look and more importantly I love the cheap factor. This outfit can easily be found when thrifting at your favourite second hand shops. Value Village is my number one choice when on the hunt for floral prints, ruffles and girly dresses. Check the men's section for the Grunge accessories like fedoras, vests, blazers etc.

Every girl needs a pair of worn out, black boots that hit mid-calve. I got my pair of Harley Davidsons on EBay, but if you have bigger feet you might be lucky enough to find a men's pair when thrifting.

* Note * This look is very versataile. To achieve in colder temperatures, add black stockings.

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